Product: DVA Oil FO-R

DVA Oil FO-Ris the main product in the pyrolysis of rubber from tires. DVA Oil FO-R of the DVA Company manufactured under a strict process and tested at the technical center for quality measurement standards (Quatest 3), the results show that DVA Oil FO-R Standard Base TCCS 01:2022/DVA and Standard Vietnam TCVN 6239:2002 on furnace fuel. Quality DVA Oil FO-R equivalent to DO (Diesel Oil) and better than FO (Fuel Oils) conventional oil, many criteria of FO-R very good such as calorific value, closed cup flash point, freezing point, etc. DVA Oil FO-R certified as suitable for use as furnace fuel by the Department of Science and Technology.

DVA Oil FO-R suitable as fuel for furnaces in production fields such as: Asphalt batching plant, boilers, drying kilns, hot asphalt concrete, glass and glass production, ceramic heating, copper and aluminum smelting…

Use DVA Oil FO-R As an alternative fuel for DO and FO oil, it can save up to 20% of total fuel costs. On the other hand, when converting to using fuel oilDVA FO-R the furnace system does not need to be changed or modified, FO-R oil can be used easily with all current furnaces on the market. Not only meet the standards of combustion technique but DVA Oil FO-R even better in terms of the environment, using DVA Oil FO-R replacing conventional FO will contribute to reducing air pollution and reducing the amount of waste rubber that pollutes the environment.

With superior quality than conventional FO, so DVA Oil FO-R has been affirming its leading position in the fuel fuel market. Businesses customers use DVA Oil FO-R not only bring economic efficiency but also build a green and environmentally friendly business image.

Information table of DVA FO-R oil quality criteria

No. QUALITY INDICATORS UNIT Oil DO Euro2 TCVN 5689:2013 FO oil (2.0 S) TCVN 6239: 2022 DVA Oil FO-R TCCS 01:2022/DVA
1 Density at 150C Kg/l 0.82-0.86 0.991 max 0.98 max
2 Kinematic Viscosity at 50 0C mm2/s 2-4.5 180 max 10 max
3 sulphur content %wt 0.00002 max 2 max 1.5 max
4 The amount of water, water content %vol 0.02 max 1 max 1 max
5 Extraction impurity content %wt 0.001 max 0.15 max 0.15 max

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