Find gold from waste tires

Find gold from waste tires There are billions of tires discarded worldwide each year and the number is growing. Illegal tire yards are often considered an environmental hazard because they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and potential toxins. Recently,

Fuel from tires

According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, tire-derived fuel is the largest market for scrap tires in the United States. In 2009, more than 2 million tons of tires were turned into fuel. The EPA maintains that tires are a quality

The environmental damage of rubber tires

Along with the demand for transportation, the number of vehicles in the world is increasing, which means that the amount of waste tires increases significantly every year. Used tires are thrown away, affecting the environment and human health. Although the

Scrap tires go viral

Scrap tires go viral Waste tires causing many environmental problems, affecting life all over the world, not only are more and more mountains taking up space, poisoning groundwater and creating fires that are difficult to extinguish, but in

Carbon Black – The battery of the future

Carbon Black - The battery of the future Researchers from the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have recently developed a method to collect carbon black from old tires to turn it into a more efficient source


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